Recipe ingredient

Cooks have added just a touch of yellow or brown mustard to recipes for years.  You can add a tablespoon of mustard to meal loaf, meat balls, tuna cakes, potato cakes and more.  The sky is the limit.  Our mustard products add our unique flavors to anything you might want to add them to.  Making tuna cakes.  Add a spoon full of our lemon dill mustard.  Making deviled eggs and are tired of the same old recipe?  Add any of our flavors to give them an added kick.  Making meat balls?  Rosemary garlic mustard will make them sing.  Our cranberry orange mustard compliments anything!  Mack and cheese takes on a new level when you add a little of our mustard to all that cheesy goodness.  Want to add a little more taste to your gravy?  Compliment your meal by adding a spoon full of any of our mustard flavors.